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Import/CAD tests: MODO, STP files

Here is an update on my test imports using a fairly complex STP file.
My thanks for the artist of the original model, whose work can be found here: jeanudert
File licensed under Creative Commons:

For importing into MODO, The Foundry has an addon called Power Translators.
The Power Translators for CAD (Interactive Geometry Translator Plug-ins for MODO) is an addon to MODO. (Cost is around $1799 normally, but during today’s MODO Flash Sale, it’s $1,079.40.)

MODO 901

Did three imports. All default settings on Power Translator, only changed the Output type.
1st Import: Mesh
2nd Import: CAD Item
3rd Import: Static Mesh
import file name: StpFromCAXIF_Tr7_pm5-hc-214_STP
import file type: STP
Mesh Quality: Fine (all 3 imports)

Screen of import as a "regular" Mesh item in MODO 901.

Screen of import as a “regular” Mesh item in MODO 901.

Screen of import as a "CAD Item".

Screen of import as a “CAD Item”.

Screen of import as a "CAD Item". Then changed into a regular Mesh item.

Screen of import as a “CAD Item”. Then changed into a regular Mesh item.

Screen of import as a "Static Mesh."

Screen of import as a “Static Mesh.”

Next I’ll test bringing the same STP file into other packages.

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Import/CAD tests: MODO, Maya, 3ds Max

Seeing how different file formats and file conversion can be such a difficult area of a pipeline, I thought I’d do a few tests to see how Max, Maya, and MODO compare.

I’ve been importing some commonly used CAD file formats, such as STL, IGES, and a few others. Interesting seeing how they compare. Will be throwing in some C4D testing, as well

Hope to have some updates and pics soon!

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