Autodesk Maintenance Subscription: Important Notice

If you use any Autodesk software and have a Maintenance Subscription (also called a Maintenance Contract), please be aware that Autodesk no longer allows any late renewals of Maintenance contracts. They’re “No Late Renews” policy recently went into effect.

If your Maintenance contract is not renewed by the End Date at the latest, the contract auto-cancels. You would then need to purchase a new, Desktop Subscription (a rental license) if you wanted the latest version of your software.

There is no way to re-instate or salvage the Maintenance contract.

So don’t let your Maintenance contracts get near the end date! You can renew them up to 3 months in advance of the end date on the contract.

Not sure when your Maintenance Subscription ends? Log into your Autodesk Account, click on Management at the top, and on the following page, go to the Reporting tab on the left side (see image below).
That will show you any Maintenance Subscriptions you have.

left side
Questions? Getting an error message? Shoot me an email at, with “For Nick” in the subject line. I’d be happy to help!

Digital Pictures

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  1. Thank You! And Thank You Tom, Nick, everyone at Digital Pictures for being the most AWESOME at helping with this! As always, best of the best 🙂 .

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