Trouble Downloading Your Autodesk Software?

If you were a Maintenance Subscriber, in the past you would simply log into Subscription Center, download an .exe of your software, and install.

Autodesk has made a few changes to its user account structure to make things easier and streamlined. We’ve heard from a number of users that find it a bit confusing.
How To Download Your Autodesk Software

All Autodesk log ins, including the old Subscription Center, are now under one account.
Go to Autodesk Accounts.

Log in using the same login info you used with Subscription Center. For new customers, follow the login instructions in the email you received from Autodesk with your purchase. NOTE: Most of the installers are now .sfx files, not .exe files.

You’ll see this:

Untitled picture

Click on ALL or PRODUCTS as seen above. You’ll see your software and download links. HOWEVER, scroll to the bottom of the page, until you see this:

more downlds

Click Download Products.

A new page opens up that looks like this:

download version

Click the version of your software you want to download.  A drop down opens.


Download Now = It will download the Autodesk Download Manager. (Very small file.)
It will automatically run and walk you through downloading.

Install Now = After downloading, launches the installer for the software.
If you haven’t downloaded software yet, it will guide you to do so.

Or, you can hit the triangle on the right of the “Download Now” button. It will give you a drop down menu.


You can then choose Browser Download, which is similar to the old way of downloading. It saves the install file(s) on your harddrive. You can then double-click the install files to launch the installer at your leisure.
(Choose Browser Download if you have trouble with the other options above.)

And as always, give us a shout if you have any trouble! We’re always happy to help.

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