Clarification on upcoming Autodesk License Changes

Clarifying Autodesk’s upcoming licensing changes.

Autodesk recently announced that after January 31, 2016, they will stop selling perpetual licenses of their products. However, most Design Suites and Creation Suites will still be available as perpetual licenses after that date.

Autodesk will continue selling Design Suites & Creation Suites as perpetual licenses until July 31, 2016. After July 31, 2016, Creation Suites and Design Suites will no longer be sold as perpetual licenses, either.

At that time, Autodesk software will only be available as Desktop Subscription seats (aka “renting the software license.”)

If you’d like to add a few more seats and keep them as perpetual licenses, now would be a great time.
As long as you have a current Maintenance Subscription with each seat, you will continue to receive the newest version of that software as a perpetual license, even after January 31 and July 31, 2016.

* * *
Autodesk has two types of Subscriptions.
Maintenance Subscription =  the annual Subscription Autodesk has always had
Desktop Subscription  =  often called “the rental model,” renting a software license for a specific period of time (monthly, quarterly, or annually).

Perpetual license  =  the license that Autodesk has always had, a license that never expires. You buy it once at full price, and it runs forever.

The Desktop Subscription can be thought of as as “rental license,” as previously mentioned.
You buy it at a much reduced initial price, for a specific time period, after which, the software will stop working if you do not renew the Desktop Subscription.

Autodesk has also assured customers that if you currently have perpetual licenses of their software, as long as you remain current on your annual Maintenance Subscription, you will keep getting the newest version for free.

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