Why Designers Love MODO

MODO has a rich history in the product design and mechanical design markets. For years it has been a mainstay for artists and designers, for its gorgeous and intuitive render workflow and its ability to handle CAD files with ease.

Hollywood set designer Scott Schneider uses MODO with Rhino for his workflow.
“[MODO gives me] the ability to rapidly amass ideas and change them on the fly while still maintaining accuracy” before building the physical sets.”

And it played a fundamental role in several major design projects.
“. . . The ease of modeling and rapid replication of elements gave me the ability to generate ideas quickly but accurately, thus speeding up the design process. The fact that I could take my MODO model into a CAD package like Rhino, convert it to NURBS, and begin generating 2D drawings without any retooling cut my modeling time in half.

Have questions about MODO? Let us know, we’re always happy to help.

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