MODO 901 Promotion

Have you tried The Foundry’s MODO? It’s amazing, isn’t it? One of the smoothest modelers out there, with animation and rendering power to match.

MODO 901 is coming, and to celebrate, The Foundry is offering an upgrade promo.
If you’re on MODO 701 or earlier you can upgrade to 801 and get upgraded to 901 when it’s released.
If you don’t currently own MODO, you can buy MODO 801 now and automatically get 901 when it’s released.

Quick Glance – New Features & Improvements in 901

  • Better booleans right out of the box – MeshFusion, previously a separate purchase, is now included by default in MODO
  • Faster, more accurate UV tools for both UDIM and multi-tiled UV maps
  • Speed up your modeling with new and improved tools: Topological Symmetry, Split and Fill Slice tool options, Quad Fill Pattern, new Align options, Multi-edge slicing, and more!
  • Multi-resolution sculpting
  • Texture painting enhancements
  • And more . . .

Contact us with questions.

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