Seeking Faculty: Game Art & Design at UW-Stout

As our game design program at University of Wisconsin-Stout grows, so does our need for new and talented faculty. I’d like to ask you a favor: consider sending the below job advertisement on to your peers, co-workers, former students, and other acquaintances whom you believe might be interested in this position. We are an award winning program, and part of a school that has over 1,000 extremely talented art & design majors taught by 60 creative, happy faculty. It honestly is a great place to work (and I’m not saying that just because I’m the chair).

We’re searching for an artist or designer who would help the Game Design & Art BFA to grow, through teaching game design classes and continuing their creative practice.

Job description:

The job is also posted on Chronicle, CAA, and Gamasutra.

Thanks for your time and consideration,
Dave Beck
Chair, Department of Design Provisional Program Director, Game Design & Development BFA University of Wisconsin-Stout

Digital Pictures


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