This Sunday, Oct 6th, 2 – 5pm, Animated Film Looking For Artists

Animated Film Looking For Artists

Digital Pictures is assisting a client in launching a new project. They will be having a presentation at our office this Sunday, Oct. 6th from 2pm – 5pm, and are looking for artists.
The client is looking for a variety of positions to be filled with digital and traditional skill sets. And you wouldn’t have to quit your current job to participate. The main areas of need are modelers, animators, compositors, matte painters, technical directors/lighters, and surface/element/shader artists.  

Film Summary
The hero, Nick Morgan, has turned against the Ascendency, an evil empire that has conquered and enslaved many Earths across parallel realities. In his quest to defeat the empire Nick is pursued by vicious rival disciple, Yuki Bartos. 
Will he be able to defeat Yuki and the Ascendency? Time will tell.

 For more information join us this Sunday, Oct. 6, from 2 – 5pm.  

Please direct questions to:
Charles Meyer
212 N 2nd Street
Minneapolis, MN 55401

 Hope to see you there!


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