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Posted February 11, 2013 by Todd Schmoock, Manufacturing Solutions Engineer:

When working in AutoCAD Electrical there are several tools you should be using on a regular basis if you want projects to remain accurate. Many times people use AutoCAD Electrical and get frustrated when their projects do not run reports correctly, or do not seem to remember the links to components. Most of the time it is due to not knowing important tools that should be used that update, and correct, potential errors.

The DWG Audit Tool:

If you think your drawing has been corrupted by someone using standard AutoCAD tools on your AutoCAD Electrical drawing you will want to use the DWG Audit tool to clean it up. This happens when the AutoCAD Erase tool, or the keyboard delete key, was used on electrical components when the AutoCAD Electrical Delete Component tool should have been used. If you thinkā€¦

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