Can Smoke for Mac 2013 Help You Increase Turnaround Time?

What are your biggest problems or bottle necks with editing and compositing? Is it having to transfer in and out of multiple applications? One program for editing, another for effects, another for motion tracking . . .  How about file format conflicts?

Smoke for Mac 2013 has everything right there, so there’s no need to switch applications. It has a familiar editing workflow, but you can hop into the color corrector, or the powerful award-winning motion tracker, make adjustments, and continue on without ever leaving Smoke. It’s all there. And it easily integrates with your existing pipeline so there’s no need to replace any of your current tools.
Smoke handles all of the common industry file formats, and handles Red files especially well. So there’s no time wasted converting files. It’s fast, powerful, and can save you a lot of time by streamlining your workflow, thereby increasing productivity.

Purchase before January 25, 2013 and receive a 20% discount as well as a free Smoke keyboard.

Questions? We’re here to help!

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