Autodesk Smoke for Mac 2013: All of your editing and effects in one place

How much time could you save if you didn’t have to import and export to other programs for tasks such as color correction, motion tracking/stabilization, titling, or converting file formats?
What if you had powerful, highend finishing tools a few clicks away from your timeline? You can hop into the award-winning color corrector, make your changes, and be right back to editing in the timeline.

The new Autodesk Smoke for Mac has been redesigned from the ground up with a simplified UI that allows editors from FCP, Avid or Premiere to begin working in minutes. The FCP shortcut keys can be used, as well. The free* trial has received positive feedback for its redesign, greatly reducing the learning curve.

*The pre-release trial is available for free until Smoke for Mac 2013 is officially released near the end of the year.

For more information or to download the trial, go here:

Digital Pictures


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