Chaos Group releases Phoenix FD for Maya

Phoenix FD is Chaos Group’s fluid dynamics tool for creating fire, smoke, explosions, liquids, splashes and foam.

Check out some key features that will improve and streamline your VFX workflow:
• A hybrid simulation system including grids and particles
• Automatic foam and splashes generation with optimized shaders for faster rendering and easier setup
• Optimization for huge amount of particles including a fog shader
• GPU preview that resembles almost rendering quality and allows you to setup your fluid in the viewport with multiple lights even before rendering
• Support for all fluids by V-Ray RT, including liquids with proper refraction, for quick and efficient material setup
• 3D procedural textures allow you to extract channels data from the simulation that can be used in various ways (blending colors of the fluid, changing the IOR for haze effects, etc.)
• Full integration with V-Ray, including proper GI from the generated fluid
• Option to generate haze effects for distorting objects behind the fluid grid
• Scripting through Maxscript in 3ds Max and Pyton in Maya for full control over your simulations

Note: Please note that currently Phoenix FD for Maya requires V-Ray 2.1 or higher.

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