Increase your rendering power

Online renderfarms allow you to harness the power of many, many computers all at once so you can render off-site while continuing to work. It allows you to expand and contract your rendering capabilities at will, rather than investing in your own hardware, many seats of rendering software, personnel and upkeep.

Renderfriend has a large network, and they actively monitor all projects to make sure any possible issues are caught early on.
Supporting C4D, 3DS Max, Vray, After Effects, Modo, Blender…

From their website:

RenderFriend is always updating and adding new servers every month…

  • 32 i7-2700K based servers clocked to 4.2 Ghz
  • Fully homogenous processors
  • 16GB RAM on all stations
  • 8 Terabyte storage for projects
  • Redundant dedicated power supply
  • Redundant network connectivity
  • Connected by segmented Gigabit switch
  • Large APC 5000VA UPS power
  • Windows 7 Ultimate @ 64-bit
  • All projects personally managed

Contact us with questions. We’ve found Renderfriend to be quick to respond and easy to work with. Please mention Digital Pictures if you choose their services.

Digital Pictures


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