Purchase Cinema4D R13 now, get R14 for FREE

Cinema4D is known for innovation . . .

. . . and R14 is no different. Maxon has added impressive new features and over 200 fixes and improvements.
These include:

  • An all-new sculpting module, with hundreds of brush, stamp and stencil presets for creating incredible detail
  • Intuitive camera-matching for easily matching 3D objects with a photographic background
  • A new motion camera
  • Multi-pass export to Nuke
  • Snaps have been entirely rewritten from scratch
  • Guides and workplanes to easily build geometry off an angled surface
  • A greatly improved physical sun and sky
  • Enhanced GI
  • . . . and much more!

Purchase Cinema4D R13 with a one year Maxon Service Agreement and upgrade to R14 for free. See link below for more details.


Unsure about switching to a new package? Want to discuss your options? 
Give us a call. We’re happy to discuss your needs, and go over multiple applications, feature-for-feature.

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