ZBrush R4b is out! (Free Update)


It has many improvements, including but not limited to:

  • FiberMesh
    Create true 3D fibers, fur and hair which may be sculpted, painted, UV mapped and exported to other apps.
  • New set of dedicated FiberMesh Groom brushes and corresponding Brush settings
  • MicroMesh support to render fibers or single polygons as another 3D object
  • New set of BPR filters and operators
  • BPR Global Shadow and Ambient Occlusion settings to simplify shadow management
  • New Cavity Mixer
    Define different material shaders based on the mesh cavities
  • Improved small details creation through Alpha and Mask
    Alphas may be placed using TransPose
  • Surface Smoothness feature
    Detects mesh curvature for Mask creation
  • New global deformation with Transpose Curve deformation and UnClip
  • Improved Mask operations with Shrink and Extend
  • Topology editing additions: Group Mask and Edgeloop Mask Border
  • New JPEG Exporter with Crop, Preview and adjustment settings

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