QuickTip: Extended library of primitives w/ Blender &; the new realtime Cycles renderer! (FREE)

Blender 2.61 is now out, and it features a new realtime renderer that takes advantage of GPU power.


Since blender imports almost anything, if you need a realtime solution, but can’t afford it, try blender, load up your model, and test lighting, materials, etc.

There are also extended groups of primitives such as 5 different pipe joints, complicated shapes such as dodecahedrons (and many more), bolts and much more. These have to be turned on in the Addons section.
(Open blender, hold Cntrl + Alt + U, and click the Addons tab. They are part of the Objects or Create sections. Email nick@digitalpictures.com if you have questions.)

Hope this is useful and helps you save a buck or two!

Happy holidays!

Digital Pictures


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