3ds Max Plugin: Super Poly Bridge v1.4

A “beefier” bridge tool!

From the Area:
With “Super Poly Bridge” you can bridge selected faces or holes(edge borders) with much more options then standart 3ds max bridge tool.
The main features are:
– can bridge holes
– adding control points will not destroy the spline shape
– Soft Selection and Relax(almost interactive) built in the UI. – idea by obliviboy.
– can bridge more than 2 face:
– Rebuild Bridge – select face bridge, convert it to spline, made changes and create the bridge again
– Rebuild Bridge is supported by Interavtive mode
– RMB+Rebuild Bridge will create straight line
– Ring Space – space evenly every ring edges of the bridge.
– Lenght Space – space evenly the bridge along its lenght.
– cw and ccw – will rotate(twist) the end faces of the bridge

Video – ver 1 to 1.3
Video – ver 1.4

Super Poly Bridge v1.4


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